String, Ball, Bell is now published

This past month I’ve been working steadily to put together my picture book, String, Ball, Bell: Whereby a Girl and a Cat Save the World. In all, the book has been about seven months in the making. The book features updated (improved, I hope) versions of artwork that has been posted on this blog, plus more pictures to complete the storyline and cover. The cover featured here is from the paperback version. I also produced a hardback and Kindle e-book version.

The book is published on

Synopsis of book:

With a bit of string, a ball, and a bell, a girl and a cat save the world. This world, of course, is not the ordinary, everyday world; it’s a faraway land that’s troubled by trolls and persistent dark clouds. And the girl and cat are not quite ordinary, either, especially the cat, who can transform seemingly everyday cat toys into things of magic. Join them on their adventure, fraught with danger, but also filled with excitement, courage, and, ultimately, hope.

String, Ball, Bell, Whereby a Girl and a Cat Save the World is a fairytale told in words and accompanying full-page illustrations, for people of all ages.

String, Ball, Bell