cat and cat grass 2.0

Earlier, I made a post about a method of growing cat grass. Here’s a variation using a different sprouting lid, simplifying the process slightly.

Grow Cat Grass 2.0!

Supply List

  • Cat grass seeds
  • Measuring teaspoon
  • Water
  • 8-oz. wide-mouth mason jar
  • Canning lid
  • Footed sprouting lid
  • Frog lid (if your cat likes to pull grass out)
  • Spray bottle
  • Dish to put draining jar on


Day 0

On the evening of Day 0, place two (2) teaspoons of cat grass seeds in the 8-oz. wide-mouth mason jar. Fill the jar with approximately 1/2 cup water. Place the canning lid on top (without the screwing part of the lid), leaving a small gap for air flow. Allow the seeds to soak overnight.

This is a standard sprouting procedure, beginning the germination process.

Day 1&2

On the morning of Day 1, remove any floating seeds and debris, as these tend to be the source of mold later on.

Screw on the footed sprouting lid, drain out the water, then add fresh water, swirl around, and drain. Repeat the rinsing and draining a couple of times. Roll the jar around so the seeds adhere to the bottom and sides of the jar. Then place the jar, upside down, on the dish, allowing residual water to drain out.

Keep the jar away from windows. Complete blackout is not necessary.

On the evening of Day 1, rinse and drain, repeating the process a couple of times. Then place the jar, upside down, on the dish.

Do the same on the morning and evening of Day 2.

Day 3

By the morning of Day 3, you may start seeing roots and tiny blades of grass forming. After rinsing the seeds, remove the footed sprouting lid. Move the seeds around with your fingers so they’re all on the bottom of the jar. Remove any unsprouted seeds you see, as these are more likely to mold. Leave the jar right-side up from now on. Cover the jar with the canning lid, leaving a small gap for air flow.

For the evening watering, switch to using the spray bottle. Drain as well as possible to get rid of residual water. Cover with the canning lid, leaving a small gap.

Day 4

On the morning of Day 4, move the jar to near a window. This way the growing cat grass can start photosynthesizing.

Water using the spray bottle, draining excess water as well as possible. Some of the grass blades are probably nearing the top of the jar. If they are, screw on the frog lid. If not, wait until the evening to do this.

The frog lid prevents my kitten from pulling the grass out all at once. You can skip it if your cat only nibbles.

In the evening, water using the spray bottle, draining excess water as well as possible.

Days 5-7

Continue to water and drain morning and evening, and keep the jar exposed to indirect daylight.

The grass is usually tall enough by the evening of Day 6 or the morning of Day 7 to offer to my kitten. You can wait another day (or longer), if you’d like it to be taller.

Continue to water twice daily for the remainder of the cat grass’ life.

My kitten usually decimates the grass in four or five days. Otherwise, I keep an eye out for mold and dispose of the grass if I see any.